Land East of Tring Marshcroft garden suburb


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Aldbury Parish Council, at its Extraordinary Parish Council meeting on Monday 25 April 2022, resolved to make the following objections to the 22/01187/MOA planning application.

1 Permission to build on Green Belt land, which is also adjacent to the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, should be refused. No "Very Special Circumstances" have been put forward to justify the damage to the Green Belt. The land is also much needed grade 2 agricultural land.

2 Development is not permitted in view of the Chilterns Beechwoods SAC Development Restrictions. The offer to provide a suitable alternative natural green space is not an adequate mitigation.

3 It is not acceptable to build on a scale that is inappropriate to the current size of Tring. This proposed development, plus Roman Park, would increase the population of Tring by 34%, which would overwhelm the capacity of this historic market town forever. The proposed development would also have a serious impact on Aldbury Parish, in particular on the hamlet of Tring Station (the West Ward of Aldbury Parish). Difficulties of access to, and parking at, the railway station itself would be exacerbated.

4 There is no commitment from principal authorities and the NHS to fund additional infrastructure, e.g. new schools and health centres.

5 Dacorum Borough Council should be seeking alternative brownfield sites and should finalise the new local plan in accordance with evolving government guidelines, before Green Belt land is sacrificed. If necessary, location Tr01 should be first be considered as a more appropriate site for development.