Ward Responsibilities

Please click the links to contact the councillor responsible for your area of the village.
Feel free, however, to contact any councillor to discuss matters if you prefer.

Other Responsibilities

  • Tring Station Playground - Ray Warren
  • Aldbury Playground - Playground working group
  • Footpaths and Highways - Matthew White
  • Pond - Pond working group
  • National Trust Liaison; representative for Aldbury Parish on Ashridge Estate Committee- Graham Juniper
  • The Stocks - Pond working group
  • Finance and Accounts - Steve Webb, Ray Warren, Nick de la Bedoyere and the Clerk
  • Planning -  all Councillors
  • IT Support - Nick de la Bedoyere, Matthew White
  • Allotments - James Paterson / VACANT
  • Staffing Committee - Steve Webb, Nick de la Bedoyere and Rob McCarthy
  • Filming in the village - Sallyann Houghton

Clerk's Responsibilities: 

  • Council's general administration and accounts
  • Meeting agendas and minutes
  • Website and noticeboards update
  • Council's Facebook page update
  • Providing summary of the Council meetings to Aldbury Outlook team
  • Tennis Court administration and enquiries
  • Allotments administration and enquiries

Warden's Responsibilities: 

Our Warden, Keith Simkin, reports weekly to the Clerk and monthly to the Parish Council. If you need to request his help with something please contact the Clerk.
Keith is responsible to report on the following:

  • Mowing & Hedges
  • Trees
  • Recreation Ground and Allotment land
  • The Green
  • Playgrounds
  • Litter Pick
  • Reporting of potholes, streetlights and highway related issues
  • Noticeboards