Filming in Aldbury - LORD OF MISRULE


On behalf of the entire cast and crew of Lord of Misrule, I wanted to thank the village and people of Aldbury for the warm welcome you extended us, and for your hospitality, patience and good humour as we’ve toiled away among you over the past six weeks.

It has been an enormous privilege for us to shoot our movie in such a beautiful, characterful setting and I think we’ll all take a little piece of Hertfordshire away in our hearts as we leave.

I am particularly grateful to the Parish Council for permitting us to film here and for helping us to do so respectfully and responsibly, and to all the householders, landowners and local businesses who have worked with us along the way. Not to mention our local Supporting Artists! A big thanks also to the Warden and Archdeacon of St John the Baptist church; without their support and assistance, our movie would have been much the poorer.

With filming complete, we’re now embarking on the long journey of post-production, during which the film will be edited, the score and soundtrack composed, the picture colour-graded and the visual effects created and layered in. We hope to be finished in time to release the film next autumn or the following spring. We will of course be in touch with any news as it becomes public.

Until then, a fond farewell from us all, and thanks again,

Riverstone Pictures